Our company EASYTRANS was established in the year 2010. We took our name from the English language: EASY means not difficult, and TRANS is connected with the transport services offered by us.

The name of the company is binding for us and exactly this name reflects also our mission and the reason of its existence. We offer our customers first of all services in the domestic and international transport while we put emphasizes on their highest quality. We specialize in the transport of foodstuffs and we use modern tanks as well as refrigerator trucks with permanently controlled temperatures for this purpose.

International transport

In our company EASYTRANS we offer our customers the services of the highest quality in the domestic and international transport while we assure their speed, safety and affordable prices.

Our specialty are complex solutions from the area of the management of the supply chain which are adjusted to individualized customer needs, including loading, unloading services, performing of necessary examinations and attainment of appropriate certificates. We supervise also the transport of loadings and all activities related to that or commissioned additionally by the customer during the whole process of the service realization. We provide our support in case of problems, if any.

Thanks to the GSM cellular network there exists the possibility to contact our company and our drivers round-the-clock. Besides that the means of transport are equipped with the GSM devices and appropriate means protecting the cargo during transport and all drivers employed with EASYTRANS are specialists with broad experience.

We have the Certificate of Professional Competence. The services provided by us are carried out according to the European standards on the basis of the CMR-Convention and TIR-Convention. Our company has the policy of the limited liability insurance of road carriers (OCPD) with the domestic and international range and the cabotage insurance.

You are cordially invited to use our services!

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